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    A failure to clean gutters is not on purpose. Most homeowners simply underestimate the importance of having gutter cleaned on a regular basis, and how much difference it can make to the lifespan of their house. The gutters you have may seem to be operating well, but they still need to be cleaned in order to stay that way. It is still essential to clean your gutters even when they seem to be functioning properly.


    In the South, this is especially critical because of the amount of rain that falls each year. Waiting until you have an issue can cause unnecessary damage to your home. Routine maintenance can help side-step a broad range of structural and foundational problems when performed on a regular basis. Experts recommend cleaning gutters annually, or biannually if there are a lot of trees around the property. It is best not to wait until you have an issue with your gutters to call for a gutter cleaning service.


    Your gutters may become clogged with even the tiniest amount of material, preventing them from completing their job properly. For this reason, frequent gutter maintenance is essential to prevent water from seeping into the foundation of your home. Blocked gutters can become overly heavy, which can lead to damage and even pitching or drooping. This can happen if they aren't kept clean.


    In Prattville, E&M Gutter Guru can help you avoid foundation, roof, and structural damage, as well as the associated stress and financial burdens, with our gutter cleaning services. When you book us, our prompt and friendly staff will:


    Clean out gutters and haul away all the debris.

    Wash out gutters and downspouts with water after debris has been removed to ensure your entire system is obstruction free and functioning properly.

    As we've cleaned out your gutters, our staff will inspecting your gutters and downspouts for any loose fasteners, missing or unsecured hanger screws, leaky joints and missing sealant to make sure your rain system is watertight.


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    Blocked gutter will invite all kinds of unwelcome guests, rats, bugs, birds, and termites are drawn to debris filled gutters. Standing water in your gutters may encourage the growth of weeds, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, water is heavy and can cause your gutters to fracture or fall off if left on the roof for a lengthy period of time.


    Long-term accumulation of rainwater on your foundation may be dangerous. Unstable foundations provide an immediate threat to the stability of a house, and foundation restoration is an expensive proposition.


    Using your hands, scoop up the debris and dispose of it in rubbish bags is the standard procedure for cleaning gutters. Leave the messy work to us! We'll wash and flush the downspouts and gutters with water to make sure they're working properly, perform a free gutter inspection and haul away all the removed debris.



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