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    There is a significant likelihood that homeowners who may not be keeping an eye on their gutters will be even less aware of the importance of installing gutter guards. However, the gutters will not perform as well if you do not install robust and solid guards.


    Gutter guards are a great way to protect your gutters from debris build up. Guards will significantly reduce the amount of debris build up in your home and commercial rain gutter systems. Screens cut down on paying for gutter cleaning costs, keeps you off of ladders and roof-tops and maintains the efficiency of your rain flow system. Over the long-run, gutter guards can well be worth the investment for safeguarding structural integrity of your property. Average cost of gutter guards ranges from $3.30 to $8.90 per linear foot depending on the type of guard installed.


    Choosing the right type of gutter guards to be installed is just as critical as selecting the right type of rain gutters. The wrong gutter screen could see rain water rolling over your guards instead of into the your gutters which prevents water from being directed away from your property. Wrongly designed guards can cause a valley of debris to collect on top of the guards. When it comes to choosing the right gutter screens for your home, you would be wise to consult with a local contractor.


    E&M Gutter Guru experts can help you determine the right screens for your residential and commercial needs in Prattville. Our licensed and bonded technicians will help you select and install the most efficient gutter screens for your property.


    With a professional installation you can avoid:


    Coming up short with do-it-yourself gutters screens and having to buy another 100 foot pack to finish 8 feet.

    Figuring out how to install the corners

    Having to rent a boom lift to install gutters on the second floor

    Work with one hand on a ladder while installing with the other.


    When you have our licensed and bonded technicians install your gutters guards, you will receive a flawless, high-quality, professional installation that will last for years. Knowing you’ve cleaned your gutter for the last time is great feeling!


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