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    Soffit and Fascia are the finishing touches that give your house a classic clean appearance. Soffit and fascia can enhance a house's aesthetic value just as much as new siding. The soffit is the outside layer of the roof overhang, and it serves as a barrier against water infiltration into the interior structure of the roof.



    Fascia is the horizontal band or strip of material that covers the exposed ends of the roof rafters or trusses. It is attached to the roof to keep the gutters in place and prevent water from leaking into the roof deck.


    Soffit's and Fascia are parts of your home's structure located closest to your gutters. Whenever your gutters become clogged, they are the first thing to suffer water damage. These conditions can result in an infestation of insects, animals and other unwanted pests. Regular gutter cleaning will help to prevent gutters becoming clogged.


    They play a crucial role that is often overlooked. Together, soffits and fascia work to conceal attic ventilation and to protect exposed areas of your home from wind, rain, and pests. Both are usually made of wood or aluminum, but more and more consumers are opting for PVC or vinyl due to its greater durability and simplicity of upkeep. E&M Gutter Guru licensed, bonded and professionally trained experts offers maintenance-free, custom-cut soffit and fascia installations and replacements for all your residential needs in Prattville, AL., and surrounding area.


    Signs of Soffit Fascia Damage:

    Growing mold, algae, rot, or fungus.

    The presence of leaks or water damage.

    Rain gutters that are leaking, overflowing, or damaged

    A peeling or discolored surface.

    Missing, sagging, or cracked sections.

    Condensation build-up within your home

    Pests or small animals are invading your home.




    Soffit Fascia Replacement Costs:

    Will depend on the type of material selected. Vinyl, aluminum, metal, fiber cement, and wood are materials commonly used. Price below are a general cost range only

    Soffits cost between $1 and $3 per linear foot

    Soffits are sold in 12-foot pieces for $10 to $23 each.
    Installing soffits costs between $1.50 and $3 per linear foot in labor.

    The typical home with one story will require 300 linear feet of soffit

    The overall cost of labor and supplies typically ranges from $4.82 to $8.11 per linear foot.

    The cost of labor to install fascia ranges from $6 to $20 per linear foot.


    Because soffits are usually hard to reach and have many tiny parts, they are difficult to repair or install



    Adding new or renovated soffit and fascia to your home is an inexpensive way to ensure its long-term durability and attractiveness. The products we use at E&M Gutter Guru are of the highest quality and are built to last. To get a FREE on-site inspection and quote, fill out the quote form or call us now at (334) 603-8755 or click the blue Call Now button below.